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Found it...

2012-11-15 10:18:09 by dem0lecule

I present to you, Calamity (Sorrow 2.0), more emotional than older version.

Song Structure - Like its brother, it has simple base instruments, build-ups, constant repetitive piano and 2 climaxes. Base instruments are string and choir. Spiccato strings are a more complex. The piano melody is similar to older piece but blended with the harps. A new instrument added in is low whistle crafted by the master Nightbeat, heavily modified by me*. Constructing the low whistles' melodies aren't difficult. I have the scores (welp, in tracker notes...) and I am ready to share them.

*(samples are free to use and modify, that's why we have module files[it's normal for tracker users to use each other samples, as long as they credit the original source]).

Emotions & Theme - I aim at the emotions differently than older piece. Calamity is more of a gentle but slow flowing piece than Sorrow. Calamity carries both Western and Eastern styles. Most people who listened to this song (e.g my relatives) found this song really fluently in Chinese or Japanese music style. However they would be more surprising, if I am gonna tell them none of the instruments are from Asian.

Title - Hmm, I thought about sorrow synonyms a lot. I thought about Melancholy being the nearest synonym but I already named it for one of the song. So I flipped out a thesaurus and look for similar ones. When I search at catastrophe (sorrow synonym), I found Calamity. It just fits in right away.

Those who influences me - They are: Warder, Nightbeat, Samulis, Secret Garden, Zajed (the spiccato string!) and Bosa.

Final words, I love most of the song in Bosa's Quest for the Crown contest. Thanks to all of you who visited my song. Thank to Bosa. And thank to most, Samulis. :)

~ dem0lecule


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2012-11-15 11:41:48

You deserved to rank high with Calamity in Quest for the Crown and i am really happy you did :D
Are you competing on this months NAC? We have been competing buddies in contests these days i would miss you if you wont compete xD.
Cheers and keep the good work mate!

dem0lecule responds:

I am happy with my current rank actually. Not so high but not so low.

I will be there for the NAC. Don't worry. :)

You too bro, good luck in NAC.


2012-11-16 16:38:18

My name is cast and I'm starving to death. Please help me.

dem0lecule responds:

I have cat brains and I can feed them to you. :P

How 'bout chesire cat's brain?


2012-11-27 19:34:54

Such a waste of talents. You sir do not know how to use your talents properly. Enlisting army? While you have a huge future ahead in both art, programming and especially music!

The song is really emotional. Well done, well done.

(Updated ) dem0lecule responds:

I don't mind what I want to do. I can just disappear for years and when I gonna be back, still kick ass like normal. Durp!

Edit: Do not, I repeat, do not leave to the bar tomorrow without calling me first.