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A New Life, free album release

2012-12-25 17:41:50 by dem0lecule

Hello friends, here is something I made as a gift for Xmas. In fact this is the first album out of three I am going to release before the end of 2012.

A New Life is focused on minimal classical music, with joyful and light emotions.
Listen to single song:

A New Life 3:26
Seeding Joy 3:15
Big Adventure 3:31
Happiness Is Around You 5:01

Or download full album here (MP3, 320 kbps)

Happy Xmas!

~ dem0lecule


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2012-12-25 17:58:27

why people keep calling it albums.

First song: had to skip because it had eastern instruments. Everybody hates it. Sorry
Second song: "Seeding Joy".Seriously man? This is about the time you get real with yourself. What the fuck are you creating? Nobody cares about this hippy happy joy joy shit
Third song: the beginning was promising, I somewhat liked what the flutes reminded me of but I didn't like the general upbeat setting. Wanna really evoke emotion? Compose about your life. Get the feels out. Not this bunny rabbits bullshit. You will thank me one day.
4th song: same

dem0lecule responds:

9/10 for trolling, you would beat Insanctuary on this one.

Compose about my life? Meh, I'm not that self-righteous.


2012-12-25 18:16:21

no intention of trolling . Do you get my point

dem0lecule responds:

The smokes are cleared. But maybe yes, or no?

First: What's wrong with Eastern Instruments? :/ You racist b4574r7!

Second: If you didn't care, you wouldn't probably click it. Argument fails, hehe!

Third: No, I would not compose about my life... Well I did, seek on my song Sorrow, I am Sorry, Angustia, Castaway, Cold River and Calamity. I don't have to tell people about the song I wrote. They FEEL it themselves, and that's what makes my music memorable for most people.