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Your favorite coffee's type?

2013-05-24 04:52:00 by dem0lecule

Military-grade coffee tastes like crap. We lack of skillful barista in here. But at least, finally, I got access to the Internet after months... thanked to all these wonderful 'taste' of fake Tim Hortons regular which I 'bought' the instructors with... mwhaha

What's your favorite coffee? I like hazelnut mixed coffee from 7-Eleven.


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2013-05-24 05:16:24

As strange as it sounds, I never drank coffee - I only drink water and a glass of red multivitamin juice in the morning . I am not used to caffeine and drank an energy drink some weeks ago - I was unable to sleep for the next 30 hours O_O

dem0lecule responds:

Energy drink has very high amount of caffeine, I don't recommend. If you want something less effect on sleeping, try teas.


2013-05-24 05:34:38

I drink coffee sometimes, but not that much.
When i do drink coffee it's home brew, otherwise i drink tea.

dem0lecule responds:

Tea is a wise choice.


2013-05-24 06:31:13

You have a very looooong life. Just yesterday I was thinking of sending a test msg here and see if you see it or not. How's life going bro?

Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? If not, I recommend trying it at least once. I adore it.

dem0lecule responds:

How's your? Mine is full of excitements and surprises. A few days ago I thought I could never have any chance to use a computer. Then someone up higher asked me to help him short stuff out on computer. I did the jobs and got accessed to a computer as reward, with Internet for this weekend! And free coffee too!

Turkish coffee? Will try out. :)


2013-05-24 08:04:11

I've been a sucker for iced coffee as of late. Mcdonalds/Burger King for the fat ass win!

Also, it's ironic that your coffee comes with wifi. Double feature?

dem0lecule responds:

Nah, the Internet part is a treat after I help someone to do some important favor. I miss McCafe. Just one med reg with a muffin, done for the meal.


2013-05-24 08:23:55

Glad to jave you back, agent Denton

dem0lecule responds:

No problem, agent Bybis :P


2013-05-24 08:54:55

Nice to hear from you!... although stuff xD
Haven't tried a ot of varieties, im thinking about mixing some honey with coffee next..who knows..
Good luck Dem0!

dem0lecule responds:

:) DivoFST, hello. Honey with coffee? On the menu!


2013-05-24 09:34:10

whats up with military

dem0lecule responds:

It's an inevitable career. It's life.


2013-05-24 10:40:59

Look who's back? How's your military life?

I like Greek frappe and Irish coffee.

dem0lecule responds:

I don't know, whiskey and caffeine don't mix well. I tried Greek frappe once, one of the best beverages I ever had.


2013-05-24 11:11:04

Heyo, look who's back!
How's Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu living up for you?

I've actually spent a whole weekend in that base, the infrastructure felt a bit cramped, but the canteen had some pretty decent food. Does it still live up to that reputation?

Also, if you get a free weekend, you should totally come to the Montreal meetup on the July 12-14 weekend!

dem0lecule responds:

It's hell on ea... a very comfortable place, sir! A lot of 'outdoor activities' but otherwise things are getting better for me. Coffee is decent. With constant supplies of caffeine, we are fine with any other foods, lol. You were there? crap, we should have met...

Sure, I'll see about my time and arrange for the Montreal Meetup.


2013-05-24 11:12:11

Heyo, look who's back!
How's Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu living up for you?

I've actually spent a whole weekend in that base, the infrastructure felt a bit cramped, but the canteen had some pretty decent food. Does it still live up to that reputation?

Also, if you get a free weekend, you should totally come to the Montreal meetup on the July 12-14 weekend!


2013-05-24 14:28:19

Hey dem0lecule, it's nice seeing you around here again.

dem0lecule responds:

:D Nice to meet you kiwi-kiwi.


2013-05-24 16:28:10

Hot coffee

dem0lecule responds:

No sugar?


2013-05-25 02:08:06

Are you sure you're going to be back on time like last year? Aren't all military breaks happened to be in mid August?

dem0lecule responds:

Yes, but I choose to stay a little longer. Probably September. I need to organize some works. Guess what? I get to do full time soon, during these months :D


2013-05-25 04:34:22

No sugar, no cream, no milk, nothing other than slightly watered down freshly mauled coffee-bean-paste.

dem0lecule responds:

Fresh taste.


2013-05-25 17:09:00

I fucking hate coffee

(Updated ) dem0lecule responds:

Then you have missed the great joyful part of your life.

How about tea?


2013-05-25 23:13:28

#! is cool

dem0lecule responds:

hashbang is evil.


2013-05-26 05:56:28

Glad to hear you got a line to the interwebz! Can't drink coffee much anymore... it can get my heart pitter-pattering too much. Regular Maxwell House used to be my fix, with real milk and sugar.

dem0lecule responds:

Maxwell House coffee is very fragrant, nice choice :D.


2013-05-26 11:31:01

Thanks man am fine. When are you coming back? Miss your compos.

dem0lecule responds:

Early September. I'll try to release many music once I come back.

Thanks man :D


2013-05-26 16:18:50

Thanks! A few years ago (and for about 5 years), it used to give me the worst gas. Not painful, just embarrassing as hell. Might've been too much sulfur in that water at the time.... then the water changed, or my gut bugs changed, then it was back to normal. Might've even been the fertilizer they used on them thar beans :|

dem0lecule responds:

That was a shame, their coffee is quite excellent comparing to other being sold in Walmart. Well, I once bought a box of Maxwell House for quite a cheap price, took home and realized they were all overdue for at least a month. Complained to Walmart and I got no response.

How about homebrew coffee? I'm quite in lost of good coffee's taste so I don't mind cheap ones.


2013-05-27 05:51:25

Oh hey! Haven't heard from ye in a while. How are things?
And as for my favourite coffee...well, I'm starting to get into drinking it but there aren't any good coffee shops around where I'm at, so I guess I'll drink anything as long as it's warm and not bitter as heck?

dem0lecule responds:

I'm great, thanks. I have been put to do a lot of paper works for a while now so I somewhat have access to computer uses, probably until this Friday. Another great thing is access to coffee, not the best I have had, but I don't complain.

As far as I know, South East Asians have many creative way to make coffee. Ipoh coffee, which oversea Malays serve in my city. :)


2013-06-18 05:16:49

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